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See you there!


We woke up today, looked out the window and saw this…

Lots of snow outside!  It’s been snowing all day and I am actualy enjoying such sight.  It’s a nice day to stay inside and enjoy each other’s company… play, eat, nap, relax around the house.  (as I type, both Joshua and Joel are napping…)

I am excited about this new year.  I don’ t know why, but I have great expectations that God will do awesome things this year.  I am amazed at how He’s carried me, year after year, and how He continues to bless me with an amazing husband, a healthy and precious son, a supportive family, and a generous church family. 

This year will be all about expanding my horizons.  When I opened my Etsy shop at the end of September 2009 I didn’t expect to even sell 1-2 items.  I know… Oh you of little faith!  And I know that by Etsy-standards, my sale numbers are really slow.  But since I see my shop as a ministry, I am continuing to trust that God will lead the right buyers to pursue my created items.  I truly believe in His sovereign hand.

Is it possible? 

I have a new weakness… fabric.  That’s right.  Ever since I learned to sew (well, I’m not an expert, yet), I’ve been looking through different fabric shops and been completely weakened by the colors and possibilities of it.  I can honestly say that I would love to one day own and run a fabric “parlor”.  Wouldn’t that be fun?

One of the other shops I’ve been eyeing is Fabric Closet.  They’re giving away a Fat Quarter Bundle on this site as part of their 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways! 

By the way, I need to post pictures of the handbags I’ve made so far.  I gotta list them on my Etsy shop, but it’s so hard to part from them…

Be back soon…

I’ve been following a few bloggers in the past few months, and I’m amazed at how creative, inspiring, and full of life some of these women are… most of them full-time mothers and lovers of crafts, food, color, family, and God (not all in that order, believe me!). 

Most recently, I’ve been tempted to pray for a new computer… secretly I’m wishing it will fall from heaven.  Ironically, some of the bloggers are now offering a contest, which can possibly make me a winner (maybe/).

Here’s a link to how you can win one, too!

Also, if you have a chance, check some of these bloggers out! 

Kelly has two sites:  Kelly’s Korner and Kelly’s Reviews

Jodi has an amazing Fabric Shoppe where I bought some beautiful fabrics!  

By the way, I have a quick confession to make.  I am IN LOVE with designer fabrics!  I’m entertaining the idea of starting a fabric shop online, just so I can have all these goodies at home and be able to share with others my new found passion for these fabrics!  But… where to start??

I finished these tonight. 

I’ll be listing them whenever Joshua gives me a little break.  Maybe tomorrow during his nap…  Don’t forget to keep checking my Etsy shop.  I’ll be working on some Christmas designs soon as well.  Enjoy!


I am truly blessed…


a quick nap

Life’s funny that way…  A year or two ago, I was talking to my loving husband Joel (who has a unique hobby of buying and restoring vintage lawnmowers), and said “I don’t have a hobby!  It’s not fair!” 

One random day, I decided to learn to knit… then I was asked if I wanted my mother-in-law’s old sewing machine… and that’s when it all started!  In the meantime, I’ve been BUSY  mothering my chunky 5 month-old son and loving every second of it!  I definitely have a hobby now!  🙂 

tummy time

I praise God for blessing me with a healthy and growing son, a loving and supportive husband, and lately… a creative mind.  I’m having fun creating these items (all for sale on my Etsy shop). 

thankfulnapkins scarfredredwhitestripesjojo

Most people might see their Etsy shops as a livelihood or a business.  I see it as a ministry.  I’ve been able to share my faith through the items I post and sell.  I know it’s also a business, but I take the time to pray for every person that views my items and decides to place an order.  It’s a blessing! 

By the way, my Thankful napkins got featured on this blog!

And for some of you who have asked me if how work’s going…  I’m blessed to be able to continue working as the adolescent chemical dependency counselor down in Akron.  My clients are my ministry.  Lately I’ve been realizing how dependent I am of God’s spirit to guide me during each and every session.  There is no other source of hope for my clients, and I KNOW that He will complete the work He’s begun in some of them.